if you want to add marquee on any website (wordpress,PHP,HTML,Blogger). you just need to follow below step

Steps:1 Copy below code

<section  style="margin-bottom: -13px;"><marquee onmouseover="this.stop();"
	    <span style="color:white;">
 <a  style="color:white;" href="/netrikas-coffee-table-book-edition-ll/"><strong>New:</strong> Netrika's Coffee Table Book Edition – ll</a>
 <a  style="color:white;" href="/cyber-security-preparedness-survey-edition-ll/"><strong>New:</strong> Cyber Security Preparedness Survey: Edition ll</a>
 <a  style="color:white;" href="/covid-compendium-edition-x/"><strong>New:</strong> Compendium Edition X</a>
 |  <a  style="color:white;" href="/covid-compendium-edition-ix/">Compendium Edition IX</a>
  |  <a  style="color:white;" href="/combating-the-battle-against-counterfeit-medicines-a-newsletter/"> Combating The Battle Against Counterfeit Medicines VII - A Newsletter</a> | <a  style="color:white;" href="/anti-bribery-and-corruption-a-newsletter/">Anti- Bribery And Corruption - A Newsletter</a></span>



Step 2: modify code according to your need.

Step 3: That’s it.

Note: in this code marquee text will automatically stop, when mouse hover on It.

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